Pillow Queens - Holy Show

Music Videos

Myself and the girls’ are all lesbian so when they asked me to direct something for Holy Show we all felt it was time that we made a video that had some positive queer representation. There are often depictions of queer women in the media that really upset me. We are often observed through a male gaze by male directors and those representations never really ring true for me. They are often hyper sexualised or toxic. We wanted to create something that really captured the joyful intimacy between queer women.

In parts of the video you see these women in isolated spaces without each other. For me this can be interpreted two ways. You can say that they are remembering this road trip as something from their past that they are feeling nostalgic about. But I also like to think that in those scenes those women haven’t met yet and the visions of the road trip are them projecting their desires. I remember as a teenager, before I was fully out, I would often reassure myself that some day I would find someone I loved, who loved me. I would imagine that we would be on this road trip, where we were free to live how we wanted and it was totally up to us where we go. Those thoughts would keep me going. I wanted to try to capture that feeling.