• Bitch Falcon - Of Heart
  • Bitch Falcon - Of Heart

Bitch Falcon - Of Heart

Music Videos

As a long time fan of Bitch Falcon this was one song always really looked forward to at gigs. When the guys asked me to a video for it I was thrilled.

Whenever I listened to the song the repetitive nature of hook reminded me of films like Close Encounters and Contact. Like a message played on a loop to contact someone that could be thousands of miles away. 

When I came to the band with the idea of paying homage to films like this they really liked it (Lizzie being a big Jodie Foster fan.)

The idea behind the narrative is that Lizzie is trapped far away in a void / vacuum unable to contact the outside world but eventually the hook of the song then slowly starts to bleed into these strangers lives, bringing them together. Every individual in the video is quite lonely at the beginning but then their lives start to bleed into each other. 

At it's core the video is about loneliness and letting yourself reach out to those around you - kind of comfortably letting yourself get abducted. 


Directed by Kate Dolan
Produced by Dave Minogue
Cinematography by Joesph Ingersoll 
Edit / Grade / FX by John Cutler
Costume / Art by Kate Dolan
Cast: Desmond Eastwood, Cesca Saunders & Sarah Kinlen