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Small Shoes


In 2015 Alan Kurdi washed up on a beach in Turkey. The photos of him quickly became a humbling representation of the reality refugee crisis in Syria. American Poet Maggie Smith wrote a poem entitled Small Shoes about this particular moment in history. 

I was selected to team up with an organisation called Motion Poems to make an accompanying film for this poem.

MotionPoems is a non-profit based up in Minneapolis that pairs filmmakers and poets to make, what they have termed, a “motionpoem”. Each year the season has a theme, last year was black poetry, the year before was geared towards women, and so this year I pitched the idea of "Dear Mr. President", whereby poets and filmmakers could voice their concerns about the state of affairs nationally and internationally directly to the president.

The films are set to premiere in New York in January 2018. 

Video coming soon.